ACO203 Press Gun

ACO203 Press Gun

Manufacturer: Novopress

Code: Z00133

Model: ACO203


More powerful and lighter: Our new Comfort-Line press units (ACO203 battery operated and ECO203 - mains operated) provide everything needed for efficient and effective work. Thanks to the even lower weight * and the optimized design, the devices are even more handy and make it easier for the installer to work overhead. Even in difficult lighting conditions, the new press units can score points thanks to press center lighting, one of the new comfort features. The innovative brushless motor technology of the ACO203 allows up to 40% more crimping per battery charge *. The maintenance requirement for the entire device is significantly reduced by the new engine technology. Thanks to the new, implemented radio technology, device-related data can be retrieved via the NovoCheck app on the ACO203 .

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